Lite 1.4 Email Extractor – Easy and Fast

Lite 1.4 is an application that is web-based and whose primary use is for extraction of emails. Some websites provide the application, and a person can download it for free if they want to try and work with the different features. The application enables the user to extract the addresses that come with email by pasting the emails in the form content. The content pasted is in the form of email addresses, and the application automatically extracts, and the person is left with the valid emails. The use of the application enables emails to be extracted from plain of HTML text from websites.

lite 1.4 email extractor

Lite 1.4 Email extractor is especially crucial for marketing campaigns of emails. In many businesses, email marketing is vital because of the high number of customers that can be reached through email. This form of campaign allows businesses to reach customers on new products and also attractive deals that would be interesting. Using email marketing in today’s competitive markets is what may take for a business to succeed. It is vital that those who are in charge of online marketing in various companies, to learn how to launch campaigns for email marketing using the application efficiently. Most of the people in businesses who download the application for the trial period usually end up downloading the application for more extended periods because of the apparent benefits. Lite 1.4 Email extractor makes email marketing very simple.

Business owners have used the application to show customers a different image of their business while offering the customers various packages and offers. The program is used to extract Yahoo, Hotmail, outlook express and other such websites. The program is user-friendly and can also be used in comma, colon, and tab separated emails. The application arranges the email from the most valid ones, and the user can also choose to use an alphabetical order for the emails.

Lite 1.4 Email extractor is a spider program meaning that it crawls the web to draw addresses based on the user’s criteria. An example of this is if for instance if the user wants to conduct an email campaign that targets travelers then the user is required to search emails that may be closely related to traveling. Using the application becomes easy for the user to reach such people who have an interest in travel. The emails can also be extracted from different domains using the name.